June 2023

I’ve been directing four video stories with Greenhouse Theatre on the 2023 iteration of The Future is Ritual, featuring four diasporic BIPOC multi-disciplinary ritual artists. More to share soon!

May 2023

Excited to share this music video I directed and shot for “Something in You” by Midswim, a new experimental/folk-rock project of Claire Whitehead (Kelly McMichael, Blimp Rock, Forest City Lovers), based out of Guelph, ON:

EP Album Launch – Cocoa Forward – “All Out” – March 2023

It’s my first EP as Cocoa Forward!! Listen to her album All Out:

Listen here

Music Video

CMPA Mentorship – Oct 2022 – February 2023

  • Just finished an incredible 20-week producing mentorship in Scripted Content with Sphere Media, supported by the Canadian Media Producers Association (CMPA), contributing to the production of a new digital comedy series by writer/creator Vivek Shraya, post-production on the award-winning TV series, Sort Of (Season 2) and numerous other projects in development.

Awards Announcement – Oct 2022


  • ‘From Scrapbook to Screen’ with Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Toronto w/ Saroja Ponnambalam

New Publications:

  • Fill the Frame with Mist (2021). Ponnambalam, Maria-Saroja. (re)Rites of Passage: Asian Canada in Motion – a special anthology published as part of the Toronto Reel Asian Film International Film Festival. Official URL: https://rarara.ca

TD Community Sunday: From Scrapbook to Screen with Saroja Ponnambalam (Virtual)


  • Death To/Long Live: THE ARCHIVE is series of interviews created by Koffler.Digital, exploring the socio-political function of video art and their archives.

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